Want to lift your “Fibro Fog”?

“Fibro Fog” is one of the more irritating side effects of Fibromyalgia, which often causes problems with memory or fuzzy thinking. As if constant pain, trouble sleeping and headaches weren’t enough. But there is a way to lift that fog.

The Trager® Approach helps alleviate the symptoms of Fibromyalgia by re-patterning your body/mind system. Trager® uses gentle body movements to remind the mind what freer, lighter and painlessness feel like. These movements burn off the fog so you are clear headed once again.

Many people with fibromyalgia avoid bodywork because they are too tender and it is often very painful for them. However, that is not a concern with Trager®. The sessions are painless for you and they open up your body/mind without any pushing or prodding.

Please call or email me for more information on how Trager® can help you feel better.



Betsy Oldenburg is a Certified Trager® Practitioner with over 25 years of providing pain relief to a wide variety of clients. You may contact Betsy by email at betsyotrager@earthlink.com or by phone at 336-288-3145.

The Trager® Approach was the innovation of Dr. Milton Trager. The Trager® Approach has been reported to ease or manage a wide range of conditions including: back & neck pain, stress, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, Parkinson’s symptoms, limited movement, carpal tunnel syndrome and sports & other injuries.

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