As someone who has suffered for decades with an old whip lash injury, I finally have the tools needed to control the pain and repair the damage. Some of these tools are basic, but were never mentioned by the many doctors I have seen over the years. Betsy Oldenburg, a nationally certified therapeutic massage/bodywork therapist with over 25 years of experience shared those tools and techniques with me when I was referred to Integrative Therapies. Because I had such a positive experience, I arranged a Lunch and Learn (Feel and Look Great Despite your Computer) for my co-workers. We had approximately 30 in attendance ranging in age from 20’s to 60’s. Everyone in the room benefited from Betsy’s expertise and warm, approachable style. Several volunteers were lucky enough to experience hands-on treatment/techniques. I would recommend Betsy’s presentation to any organization that has employees who suffer from neck and back pain. It is amazing how one hour with the right person can both educate and motivate employees toward a healthier work style.

Jane Milanese
Center for Creative Leadership
Greensboro, NC

After a car accident that left me with painful thoracic outlet syndrome, I tried numerous therapies and modalities that did not help for more than a couple of days. I was referred to Betsy for Bowen. After three treatments I was amazed with the results, nothing had worked like this. It has given me my life back.

J. LeRoux
Greensboro, NC

For years I have suffered with plantar fascitis and because of the success I’ve received getting treatments, I highly recommend Bowen for any tendon, joint or muscle problem.

Greensboro, NC

Having sever low back pain that went down my right leg, I had tried everything over the counter I could find and nothing worked. After two Bowen treatments with Betsy my back and leg pain has completely gone for nearly a year now. Also, A couple of years ago I had a painful cyst on my knee. The doctors didn’t know what to do about it, they drained the fluid from it every couple of months, but it would return. It has been two years since Betsy performed the Bowen technique for that knee and the problem is completely gone. Thanks to Betsy and this new technique, I feel really good now.

C. Walker
Greensboro, NC

I have received repeated Bowen treatments from Betsy Oldenburg with results that are always beneficial. Bowen treatments have helped me with a variety of pain management issues including sciatic pain, shoulder pain, migraines and pulsating nerve pain. Improvement and a sense of well being are always a result of this technique. I highly recommend Betsy and the Bowen technique

P. Carson
Greensboro, NC

For some time I had been experiencing a fairly constant tension in my shoulders and neck. I tried all I knew to do but nothing seemed to work. Then I saw Betsy’s ad for Trager and massage therapy in a community publication, and I thought, ‘why not’? My shoulder, and neck ache is gone and an arm that has been sore for as long as I can remember is now much better. That ‘why not’ turned out to be a really good question for me. I’m glad I took the chance.

A. Leydon
Greensboro, NC

Twelve months ago I was told by an orthopedic specialist that I needed to have surgery on my neck. I was in constant pain and had lost a lot of mobility. I had difficulty looking over my left shoulder to check my blind spot when driving. I decided that prior to having neck surgery I needed to explore other options. I was referred to Betsy.

During the past 7 months of working diligently with Betsy, I have more neck mobility than I have had in years – and am pain free. It’s wonderful. Thank you Betsy. I am soooo glad that I explored other more natural solutions versus rushing into a very invasive surgery.

A. Walters
Greensboro, NC
Betsy Oldenburg’s keen eye and straightforward approach to working with imbalances in my body have been a great help. By incorporating her suggestions for posture corrections and specific stretches, in addition to receiving her bodywork, I have felt more aligned physically and mentally. There’s something about standing straight that clears one’s mind. Betsy has helped me move in that direction.

A. Willson
Greensboro, NC

“Trager work is one of the least invasive forms, using gentle rocking and bouncing motions to induce states of deep, pleasant relaxation. It helps the nervous system’s communication with the muscles, so that it can be used as a method of rehabilitation especially by people suffering from traumatic injuries, post-polio syndrome, and other chronic neuromuscular problems.”

Andrew Weil, MD

“Milton Trager’s work will beneifit anyone wishing to lead a healthier and more dynamic life.”

Deepak Chopra

“Trager work is an invaluable aid for all singers. It relaxes the throat muscles and positions the larynx for extended range and better breath. I rely on it.”

Linda Ronstadt, Singer

“Before my first session with Betsy I was completely unfamiliar with the Trager method. However after that first session I was experiencing immediate positive results. The muscles in my neck and shoulders that had pained me for years were responding to these gentle movements. I have tried chiropractic care and massages before but Trager has been able reach my muscles in a different way. After a session with Betsy my body feels very relaxed and balanced. Her work is amazing!”

K. Hollins
Greensboro, NC
Thank you for the work you have done with me using the Trager technique. I am 67, and have been getting body work for many years – Rolfing, reflexology, Swedish, Thai, cranio-sacral, myofascial release, Reiki, and acupuncture. I have benefited from all these techniques; but your Trager work has given me a deeper state of relaxation – a feeling of calm and happiness. I have also enjoyed your use of the Bowen Technique. You are helping me minimize the effects of age and gravity – I feel terrific!

J. Carlisle
Greensboro, NC

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