Pain Relief: The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

Has Dad slowed down over the years? Would you like to get him the ultimate present this year, the gift of pain relief?

If he’s suffering from shoulder pain or back pain the Trager® Approach can get him back in the swing of things.

This unique bodywork rebalances the body/mind so it returns to a place of free, easy movement. The sessions are effective, enjoyable and pain-free.

Our bodies build up pains and tensions as we age and then these pull us out of alignment and create new pains and tensions. And so the cycle continues. But this Father’s Day you can really get Dad something he will love all year long!

A Trager® session is a series of gentle movements which are designed to re-pattern the mind/body complex to return to a place of ease. Stress and tension melt away and they take the pain with them.

So call today for a great Father’s Day gift certificate.



Betsy Oldenburg is a Certified Trager® Practitioner with over 25 years of providing pain relief to a wide variety of clients. You may contact Betsy by email at or by phone at 336-288-3145.

The Trager® Approach was the innovation of Dr. Milton Trager. The Trager® Approach has been reported to ease or manage a wide range of conditions including: back & neck pain, stress, fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines, Parkinson’s symptoms, limited movement, carpal tunnel syndrome and sports & other injuries.

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