Trager Neuromuscular Re-education® and Mentastics®

Trager Neuromuscular Re-education® and Mentastics®

A profound yet soft approach to body/mind tension pattern release, stress management, pain control, fibromyalgia, sleep and digestive disorders, anxiety, Parkinson’s symptoms and more. Trager will enhance well-being, increase range of motion, and reduce muscle stiffness.

During a Trager session, the client lies on a padded table in loose shirt and shorts, or sweatpants. The practitioner employs gentle rocking, stretching, bouncing movement and soothing touch to the arms, legs, head, and torso. This gentle movement exploration helps the body and mind remember what it is to feel lighter, freer, more open and integrated. Though the hands-on work feels good in itself, the greatest results are felt during the moments after the movement, or after the session.

A Trager® session typically lasts about 1 ½ hours with the initial session being a little longer because of the intake process. A typical session includes about 10 to 20 minutes of assessment and instruction in self-care movements and about 70 minutes of table work.


The gentle self-care movement taught along with the hands-on Trager session is called Mentastics. Learning this easy manner of being and moving in awareness brings the body/mind into greater alignment so that feelings of lightness and graceful freedom are a typical result. We simply explore slowing down, feeling our weight on the earth, and may swing arms, or softly kick our legs and feet around, until this easy way of being becomes our natural state.

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