Bowen Neuro Touch Technique

The Bowen Technique and Neuro Touch

This is a subtle muscle/nerve/connective tissue modality. The work is gentle, non-invasive and performed through the clothing while lying on a table or sitting. Unlike massage or other manipulations that try to force a change, Bowen Neuro/Touch simply resets your body to heal itself.

A Bowen/Neuro Touch treatment takes about 20 – 30 minutes and consists of a specific sequence of gentle manual ‘rolling’ moves done across superficial muscles, tendons and nerves. Although extremely gentle, these stimulations are so powerful that it’s necessary to let the client rest and ‘cook’  for a few minutes between segments in order for the body to completely integrate the neurological changes. The entire process is so soothing that most clients fall asleep at least once during the session.

The Bowen/ Neuro Touch technique is completely safe and appropriate for everyone from highly trained athletes, to newborns, to pregnant women and the elderly and infirmed. Results are profound and lasting and usually apparent within two or three sessions (if not immediately).

Bowen addresses:
Musculo-skeletal conditions
Sporting injuries
Digestive and respiratory conditions
Organic and glandular complaints
General stress and tension
Headaches, and temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ)
Carpal tunnel and tennis elbow
Kidney and bed wetting issues
Immune system disorders

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