How The Trager® Approach Eases Your Headache Pain

You don’t have to suffer with headache or migraine pain. The Trager® Approach is a new way to help re-pattern your nervous system so that your pain becomes a thing of the past. Here’s proof.

The University of Southern California did a study on how Trager helps people with headaches and this is what they found:

“Although case studies of the successful amelioration of joint pain through the Trager technique have been reported, this is the first study to apply Trager to the treatment of headache. The results of this small-scale randomized clinical trial indicate that Trager is effective in decreasing the frequency of headache, decreasing medication intake and improving quality of life in headache patients.”

The Trager® Approach:

  •  Relieves Stress
  • Re-patterns Your Nervous System
  • Teaches Your Mind & Body to Work Together
  • Gives You Tools to Heal Yourself after the Session is Over

So if you or someone you love suffers with headaches or migraines then please call me and find out how this wonderful, gentle modality can help.


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