Bones For Life®

Bones for Life® is a seven week course that teaches you:

  • improved posture and ease of movement
  • body mechanics
  • easy movements to help strengthen and restore bone mass naturally

Great for osteopenia and osteoporosis!

Bones for Life® is a movement program based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais developed by Ruthy Alon, Senior Trainer of The Feldenkrais Method®. This program works by revisiting developmental and evolutionary movement patterns in order to reintegrate them & reinstate harmony and proportional flexibility throughout the entire body.

It works to reinforce bones through adopting postures capable of supporting body weight efficiently, with a minimum of effort. The lessons we do cultivate springy dynamic movement to stimulate optimal growth of bone tissue. We explore patterns of walking and weight-bearing in a safe, secure and non-competitive environment.

This program can help you if:      

  • You are experiencing loss of bone density                                                                              
  •  You are recovering from skeletal injuries                                                                                  
  • You have difficulty with balance and walking                                                                                
  • You have chronic pain                                                                                  
  •  You are involved in athletic activities such as running, lifting weights, or other sports
  • You perform repetitive movements at work, sit for long hours, or are engaged in heavy physical labor 

Betsy, who is a 26 year bodywork therapist and a student of the work of Moshe Feldenkrais will be teaching the class. For more information on Bones For Life® go to, and

For more information about registering for this class, please contact Betsy at or call 336.288.3145.

What students are saying:

“The Bones for Life® class has helped increase my body awareness…I stand taller, move with more efficiency and fluidity, and make conscious choices about how I align and move my body.  When Betsy (an amazing instructor/guide) told us that 20% pressure is optimum for bone health, I thought to myself ‘I’ve never exercised at 20%, 200% maybe.’  My view of ‘work harder and longer’ has been replaced with ‘listen to my body and let it be my guide.’  

Since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago, I have researched various options on how to slow or stop the progression of this condition, such as modifying my diet, increasing weight bearing exercises, and taking supplements. While these actions satisfy my need to do something that should help (and hopefully I’ll see positive results on my next Dexascan), using the practices I learned in the Bones for Life® class help me today in increased mobility, in viewing my body as my ally, and in general better fitness.   Betsy is a gentle and supportive guide who supports each person by her encouraging words, sense of levity humor, and living example.”

Trish Corbett, Greensboro, NC

“Betsy has had a big impact in improving my overall health and happiness. Her classes were fun and I received information that surprised me. I learned that simple, gentle bouncing on my heels could be effective in building bones. I am more aware of my posture. I often use a simple posture improvement she taught. I zip up a real or pretend jacket and instantly have correct posture.”

Joan Anderson, Greensboro, NC

Laura Kist – Uses Bones for Life® processes with her choir students.

The children range from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I’m doing the gorilla, the face-jaw tapping/pressure, the crossed arm pum pums. They find it fun and doing “odd” things brings a moment of interest in rehearsal – thanks for introducing me to these. I hope the real benefit will be these children will develop open minds. I do the ‘Tantrums’ with the whole choir and can hear the improvement in their tone, and voices. I’ve noticed one child in particular who has had slumped posture, and now I’m seeing the change, he’s standing straighter and with enthusiasm.

+ Laura also told the story of using the processes with 3 children who were in a very stressful family situation. She did the bouncing on heels, chest tapping and ‘tantrums’ processes with them which she states were helpful, she could see a change, a calming effect on them.

Laura Jane Kist, Winston Salem, NC



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