Are you facing Osteopenia or Osteoporosis?

Are you facing osteoporosis or osteopenia? Learn Better Body Mechanics and easy lessons to Help Strengthen and Restore Bone Mass Naturally.

Bones For Life is a movement program based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais designed to address the deterioration of bone tissue through gentle, safe movement exploration. The lessons facilitate correction of dysfunctional patterns of movement which contribute to loss of bone mass, while stimulating processes that build bone. Rather than using force to encourage growth in some bones, this program shows the body how to realign it-self for maximum benefit to all bones in everyday activities. Our practice includes a variety of movement tasks using mindful exploration, pressure, rhythm and vibration that stimulate the nervous system and bone tissue. Many participants are also interested in easing tension, enhancing coordination and general comfort. For some, the process of getting down and up from the floor efficiently is especially helpful. Additional benefits include restoring your most natural uprightness and springy walk, increased circulation and an opportunity to develop a better connection to yourself. All ages welcome.

‘Bones For Life’ is a seven week course beginning January 17 to March 7, 11:30 to 1:00, Thursdays at PurEnergy Fitness Center, 1905 Ashwood Court, Greensboro, NC 27455. Your teacher is Betsy Oldenburg, bodywork therapist for 26 years, NCLMBT#330, and a student of the Feldenkrais Method. The cost is $80 for the series. To register contact Betsy at, 336)288-3145; also for more information and future class dates. To learn more about ‘Bones For Life’, go to


The Bones for Life class has helped increase my body awareness…I stand taller, move with more efficiency and fluidity, and make conscious choices about how I align and move my body.  When Betsy (an amazing instructor/guide) told us that 20% pressure is optimum for bone health, I thought to myself “I’ve never exercised at 20%, 200% maybe.”  My view of “work harder and longer” has been replaced with “listen to my body and let it be my guide.”    Since I was diagnosed with osteoporosis several years ago, I have researched various options on how to slow or stop the progression of this condition, such as modifying my diet, increasing weight bearing exercises, and taking supplements.    While these actions satisfy my need to do something that should help (and hopefully I’ll see positive results on my next Dexascan), using the practices I learned in the Bones for Life class help me today in increased mobility, in viewing my body as my ally, and in general better fitness.   Betsy is a gentle and supportive guide who supports each person by her encouraging words, sense of levity humor, and living example.

Trish Corbett, Greensboro, NC

Betsy has had a big impact in improving my overall health and happiness. Her classes were fun and I received information that surprised me. I learned that simple, gentle bouncing on my heels could be effective in building bones. I am more aware of my posture. I often use a simple posture improvement she taught. I zip up a real or pretend jacket and instantly have correct posture.

Joan Anderson, Greensboro, NC



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