Are These Daily Tasks Causing Your Back Pain?

Is your computer the reason your back hurts?

Have you considered this?

We are a mobile species. Our bodies are meant to move on a consistent basis. But life today looks very different than that. We sit for long stretches of time and then we move in short bursts, often times to excess. This is all because we have become a computer and TV driven generation. More and more of us work at a desk, hunched over our computer keyboard. Then after work we go to the gym or hit the tennis court for some much needed exercise. But this routine is out of balance and it can cause pain.

Sitting contracts the muscles in the front of our body – our quad muscles, our stomach muscles and our chest muscles. Then when we go to stand these muscles are not able to fully extend so they ask your back muscles to take on the extra load. This pattern often creates our back pain.

But there is a better solution than quitting your job or throwing your computer out the window. The Trager® Approach is a series of gentle movements that remind your body/mind how they are supposed to work together in a state of balance. Once your front muscles are able to loosen up and reclaim their portion of the load your back is free to relax and only carry its natural load.

This is an easy, natural way to discover pain relief and increase your mobility. If you’d like more information on how the Trager® Approach can help you, please call or email me.

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